The Company of Strangers lyrics

The Company Of Strangers At a night time washstand you were staring me down you had me so embarrassed And this restaurant crowd was oh so loud your face had been crying you were ravaged by jealousy you said look what love has done to me we could slip out the back right now if you want to save me Because I know to know I know you want me You start to haunt me I feel the danger Do you like holding on to the company of strangers You said promise not to kill me and I'll let you in Her apartment is cold as a mace can She said I just want to get it I don't need to understand I said show me your true face She said I'd rather wear a blindfold Truth be told I want a robot A robot heart i

We Are Drugs EP Announced

The new EP We Are Drugs will be available in October. The EP features seven original songs recorded earlier in the spring of this year at Sonic Ranch studios. Track listing: 1. “Company Of Strangers” 2. “Queen Of Daydreams” 3. “Don’t Give In” 4. “Isn’t It Pretty” 5. “Sherri” 6. “Weightless” 7. “Cop Vs. Phone Girl” Check out the single Company of Strangers on the 3EB home page and the Entertainment Weekly Announcement about the release here.

NEW ALBUM: Screamer 

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