Documentary for the making of Our Bande Apart

Directed by Kryz Reid and Stephan Jenkins, the companion documentary How We Hold Each Other Right Now: The Making of Our Bande Apart will premiere in New York City Friday, September 24 at the Gramercy Theater, and in Los Angeles on Monday, September 28 at the Masonic Lodge. The screenings will be followed by a Q&A and a storytelling, acoustic performance by Stephan Jenkins and Kryz Reid. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, August 24. (Here’s the ticket information for New York and Los Angeles.)

The documentary is an in-depth look at a unique recording process. “I think it shows a group of people playing together, feeling the joy of being creative together again, after so much darkness,” says Stephan.

“There was a different mindset at work,” adds Jenkins, on the new record. “I hope I always stay present as a writer and we always move forward as a band.”

Recorded after lockdown ended, Our Bande Apart “is the most fun we’ve ever had in the studio,” says Stephan. “You can hear the exuberance we have playing together in the same room again.”

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