Video for To the Sea Released

Directed by Ryan Olson, watch Velvet Negroni meld into Stephan Jenkins, over Ryan Olson’s freaky, trippy, lockdown shanty, with Negroni on background vocals.

Jenkins adds, “I had no idea what Ryan Olson was up to until I saw the video for the first time. To which I exclaimed, ‘this is the best Third Eye Blind video ever!’ And I am saying that when, as often as not, I direct my own videos. Ryan is a stoner genius and I say this knowing that he is not actually a stoner at all. To me having my face melded and morphed with the incredibly talented Velvet Negroni evoked how being stuck in lockdown changes us into someone else. It feels isolated, crazed and somehow hopeful. Just give him his MTV award, if they still have those or whatever already.”

Our Bande Apart is available for preorder here.

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